The Cause

Who We Are


Beginning with our founding in 2015, our belief that every animal’s life is a life worth trying to save remains our driving force today.   Oscar’s Cause began as a heartfelt vision that no animal should ever have to suffer due to lack of care or life necessities.  This vision has since transitioned and transformed into what better defines Oscar’s Cause today, an advocacy for animals that is determined and diligent in efforts to securing vital partnerships and resources for the benefit of pets and strays in need.

Our Mission:

“Providing life’s necessities for under privileged animals to ensure a happy and healthy lifestyle so we may live life hand and paw.”


What We Do


24-hour emergency help is defined as any or all happenings that will result in imminent loss of life or limb; i.e., the animal was hit by a car, uncontrollable vomiting or bleeding.   Please fill out the request for assistance form in its entirety complete with photo, and call the emergency hotline for further instruction.  Oscar’s Cause may vote to waive or delay any of the standard requirements in the case of a pressing emergency.


Non-emergency medical assistance is defined as non-life-threatening medical care; such as, dental treatments, shots, spay, or neutering.  Medical procedures that will impact the quality or longevity of life may also be considered.


One of Oscar’s Causes goals is to keep your pet happy, healthy and thriving in the home that they know and love. We fully understand that there are unexpected situations that arise and we are here to help. Life essentials can be a variety of things; toys, blankets, pet carrier or temporary food assistance.

Oscar’s Cause is not limited to the items listed on this site. We try to help in all ways possible, if you do not see a category that fits your need, please fill out the form and add a brief description of service needed and why.  We are here for you and your furry family member!